Re: Report on the accesibility of the LG Clasic 120 Flip Phone


Many people may find the phone being discussed does everything desired. I don't know how accessibility compares between that and the Alcatel Go Flip3. However, I suspect the Go Flip3 has this or that feature people may want to consider in deciding what phone to get. It has an FM Radio, which I use a lot. It can use the Gogle digital assistant for certain tasks. I can use it to play videos from Youtube. If the phone didn't havew the Google assistant, Youtube video's couldn't be played because the Youtube app on the phone is inaccessible or the screen-reader can't work with it. If you want to use your phone with Youtube, that may be of importance to you.

The Google assistant can also be used to dictate texts. It makes mistakes and I somethimes have to dictate something three times before it is correct or good enough for this sloppy almost anything goes medium. But I'd sure rather dictate a text that isn't very short rather than use the touchpad method of entering letters.

Also, in order to use the Google assistant, you have to have a data plan. Just a talk and text plan won't allow you to use it.

One more thing that may aidd in deciding between theswe two phones, my phone is a lot more expensive. You may have to pay 100 dollars for it. The other phone is much cheaper. I don't know which I woud have chosen if I knew about the other phone at the time but I wanted a phone fast and things turned out well because I like the features I am describing.

There is a bug regarding the alarm so if you intend to use the alarm, you may not want the Go Flip3. But you can always get a cheap very convenient alarm clock to carry, the kind Gerald has discussed before. If ;people are interested, you may, of course, ask Gerald about it..


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PS I thought this phone is better quality than the Schok classic phone that sold for $85 that was discussed on this list a few days ago.
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I wanted to report on the accessibility of the LG. Classic flip phone from Net10. I was pleasantly surprised on how well read out works.(read out is the screen reader). You will need sighted help to turn on read out in the Initial setup. After that you can read all menus, settings contact, messages and etc. Manual is not much help with explaining the accessible settings. Haven't tested Internet browser or typing. But this might be a good phone for some people who don't need a full smart phone. It can be purchased for $39 or less if you buy a plan with the phone.

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