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Loy <loyrg2845@...>

This may be malware.

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Hi All,
Maybe call MS, and ask them just to see what they will say. Maybe they can
connect screens and see the message for themselves.

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But what exactly did the notification say? Did it say expire or did it say
something about you not using an authorized version of Windows?

If this is what appears to be a Windows notification, not an e-mail, I'm not
sure why you are getting it but it shouldn't just be dismissed andd deserves
further discussion.

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no this is fully wrong.
after you upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10 or windows 7 to 10, you can
use windows free for ever.
now your licence can expire only if.
1. you had given your laptop for servicing within the passed year and
the servicing Technician had to reinstall windows so they didnt
install the proper edition of windows that came with your laptop.
or if you your self have not installed a proper edition of windows
that came with your laptop.
the solution may be simple or complicated.
if you can get some 1 to read the key which is 25 character long which
is on a sticker under your laptop or may be in the battery compartment
if the battery is removable.
then go to activate windows put that key in and see if it accepts the key.
if not then the complicated solution.
you will have to do a clean install of windows.
so backup all of your data that is on c drive, search for windows 10
media creation tool and download it.
make a bootable usb drive for which you will need a 8gb or bigger usb drive.
then get help and boot your computer from that usb you will have to go
to the bios or uefi of your computer.
the settup starts press windows enter to start narrator.
when it takes you to enter a key enter the key that came on the laptop
sticker and it should accept it.
if there is no key on your laptop, then the key must be in your
laptops uefi so it will read it and accept it.
and you will have a permanently activated version of windows.

On 1/4/21, Gene <> wrote:
It isn't an e-mail. it is a notification. The notification didn't tell

user to do anything that might compromise personal information or endanger
the security of the machine. It told the user to open areas on the

itself. If it were an e-mail and had instructed the user to go to a web
site or open an attachment or something that might be dangerous or
compromising, that would be different and the e-mail could be deleted

no concern. Microsoft doesn't send such notifications by e-mail.

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From: Monte Single
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Hi Teresa,

This sounds like a scam to me.

I have never heard of such a thing.

I would delete the email.

Don’t give it another thought.



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Hello all,

First of all, I hope you all had a happy Christmas and new year.

As the subject says, I got a notification saying that my windows license
will expire soon, and had two options, go to PC settings or close buttons.
When I went to PC settings I there was an activate button and a place to
write a key.

I got my laptop some years ago with Windows 8, which I was able to upgrade
freely to Windows 8.1.

My issue is, does this kind of license expire? Is there something I could

to avoid it?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Teresa Arroyo


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