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Joe Orozco

I think it depends on what you want the device to do. If you're
primarily consuming content, I see no difference between the iPad and
iPhone. I would say it would be better use of your money to invest in
one of the iPhone pro models for better battery life and singularity
of one device versus two. If you're thinking about producing content,
an iPad would kind of make sense, but consider getting a physical
keyboard to pair with it. I only say "kind of" because I still think a
full laptop, or even one of the smaller ultrabooks, still provides
better document editing functionality, audio editing, etc. But, this
is only one guy's opinion.


On 1/4/21, Fawaz Abdul rahman <fawaz.ar94@...> wrote:
Hi, not much to be honest but I love the iPad, the speaker, battery, and the
whole feel of it. I love the iPad in general.

There are some features such as split window and stuff, but I don’t think
there are major things you can do on iPad which you cannot on the iPhone.

If you are going to get an iPad, get the new air or a pro. I recommend the
new air, since it is cheaper and provides similar experience to the pro.

Mainly the 4 speakers 😊

And the light weight.

Good luck.

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I'm thinking of the possibility of getting myself an iPad.  I'm curious, are
there a lot of things we can do with an iPad that we can't on an iPhone?  I
understand there's Swift Playground, but are there other major apps and
features too?


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