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Nimer Jaber

Hello Janet,

All of these are brands. Similar to brands of shampoo. They are all shampoo, but the manufacturer is different, the purpose for which it is made is different, the bottle is shaped differently, etc. Same goes with these laptops. Vivobooks are made by Asus. Thinkpads are made by Lenovo, Inspiron and XPS are made by Dell, and so on. You not only need to look at the type of computer, but also the model, as each few months to a year, manufacturers may release different models within the same class of laptop. Also, the specs between each model will be different. For instance, Thinkpad has many different laptops within that name, some have numpads, some do not, etc. Some are made for business use, some for personal use, some have large touch screens, some do not, some have fingerprint readers, some do not, some have large batteries, some are made for the purpose of being workstation desktop replacements, and so on. Computer laptop is a generic... it's just a laptop. This is akin to calling any tissue a kleenex.

I hope this helps.

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 12:30 PM Janet <janet.harvard@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,
Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Laptop ThinkPad or an IdeaPad or a Vivobook Laptop, as opposed to a computer Laptop? I am doing some searching on line about the Laptop Vivobook I recently bought, as it is showing this is not a new Laptop, and I didn't know that as the salesmen at Best Buy didn't tell me that.  So I am seeing sales for computer Laptops and ThinkPad Laptops, IdeaPad Laptops, Vivobook Laptops, but then I see different prices for computer Laptops. 

Thank you all for any help in this. 

Janet oppsode

Peace Be With You.


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