Re: Laptops vs Computer laptops Question Please.

Fawaz Abdul rahman

Hi these are like model names, think pad and ideapad from Linovo as far as I know and vivobook from Asus.

They are like series, and you can find plenty of models in that series, just as for example, iPad pro 2018, 2020 etc.

Naturally 2020 model will have more updated specs  such as processor or ram etc.

Think pad for example 14inch laptop with intel processer and several models coming either i5 or i7 and all of them U which means low energy consumption.

So all of them laptop just different companies and different models.

You have others similar to these, dell xps, hp specter etc.

To know which one you should pick, first decide for what you are getting the device for, if heavy gaming or video editing etc, these are not so good, but for productivity and portability, these are perfect.

And laptops which are for gaming and more than 14-15 inch will be not so great with portability hence they will be quite heavy.


Good luck.


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From: Janet
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Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Laptop ThinkPad or an IdeaPad or a Vivobook Laptop, as opposed to a computer Laptop? I am doing some searching on line about the Laptop Vivobook I recently bought, as it is showing this is not a new Laptop, and I didn't know that as the salesmen at Best Buy didn't tell me that.  So I am seeing sales for computer Laptops and ThinkPad Laptops, IdeaPad Laptops, Vivobook Laptops, but then I see different prices for computer Laptops. 


Thank you all for any help in this. 



Janet oppsode


Peace Be With You.







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