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heather albright

I usually always buy hp as I like the lay out of their keyboards. I usually  use a Bluetooth key board with the laptop. It makes it easy for me to type faster for me. I did not like the surface it did not stand up very well like the ipads do with their keyboards. I know most hp laptops have the arrow keys all at the bottom and their usually are spaced right left down and up with know other keys mixed in with them. One of my old laptops had a nompad on the laptop. Now I can do with out if I have my own external keyboard. I use the motifier key with the caps lock as my insert key with jaws and NVDA. If I need to use the laptop key borad. I try to stay away from touch screens or touch bars; they can be annoying. One simple touch and you muted your sound or turned the wireless card off.   Good luck! Cheers Heather


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From: Janet
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Hi Heather,

Yeah, this is turning in to a mess with Best Buy, although I usually have pretty good luck with them, but I now know those salesmen really don’t know anything themselves about the products Best Buy sells, in which surprises   me.  I guess I would have to talk to a Geek!  I do like to feel the keys on the Laptop though, and I am just thinking Asus Laptops might have all the same keys on their Laptops, but I’m not for sure though.  Right now, I see on Best Buy’s web site all of the Asus Laptops are now with Intell processors instead of the one I bought which was AMD Risen, so I wonder why the changes now.  I don’t know what I will end up with now!  LOL!  Although I do see all the Laptops are extremely expensive.  I am thinking I will have to cancel this with Best Buy. 


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I hate working with best buy and their service is much to be desired; I have a friend who is already having issues with them. I know how important it is to see something before one buys it. But, if you can decide on which brand your comfortable with, dell, hp, IBM, lenobo etc. I would try to deal directly with the  company. They all usually are shipping for free these days. Geek squad is not all it is cracked up to be. Most time you have to send back to best buy so they can than ship your item out to a third party if it needs any work. Cheers Heather


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From: Janet
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Hi Nimer,

Ok I got it.  thank you for this.  Ok, I will be going to Best Buy tomorrow supposed to pick up my Asus Vivobook Laptop, but as I read more about it on line, and the emails I’ve received from Best Buy, are saying this Asus vivobook is no longer sold as new, so when I went to Best Buy a few days ago to buy something else, I asked the salesmen if the Laptop I bought was new, and he said as far as he knows it is, but as I am now searching on line, I still see this Laptop is no longer sold as new.  The emails I am getting from Best Buy is from Best Buy Outlet. And they are thanking me for shopping at the Outlet, but the Best Buy I go to is not an Outlet though.  I also search online to see what they charged me, but I can’t find that either, and when I was at Best Buy a few days ago, they couldn’t find any balance on my account either, and this makes me feel a little uncomfortable, So having said all this, I don’t know what I just might end up with!  Smile!

  What a mess!  LOL!   




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Hello Janet,


All of these are brands. Similar to brands of shampoo. They are all shampoo, but the manufacturer is different, the purpose for which it is made is different, the bottle is shaped differently, etc. Same goes with these laptops. Vivobooks are made by Asus. Thinkpads are made by Lenovo, Inspiron and XPS are made by Dell, and so on. You not only need to look at the type of computer, but also the model, as each few months to a year, manufacturers may release different models within the same class of laptop. Also, the specs between each model will be different. For instance, Thinkpad has many different laptops within that name, some have numpads, some do not, etc. Some are made for business use, some for personal use, some have large touch screens, some do not, some have fingerprint readers, some do not, some have large batteries, some are made for the purpose of being workstation desktop replacements, and so on. Computer laptop is a generic... it's just a laptop. This is akin to calling any tissue a kleenex.


I hope this helps.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 12:30 PM Janet <janet.harvard@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,
Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Laptop ThinkPad or an IdeaPad or a Vivobook Laptop, as opposed to a computer Laptop? I am doing some searching on line about the Laptop Vivobook I recently bought, as it is showing this is not a new Laptop, and I didn't know that as the salesmen at Best Buy didn't tell me that.  So I am seeing sales for computer Laptops and ThinkPad Laptops, IdeaPad Laptops, Vivobook Laptops, but then I see different prices for computer Laptops. 

Thank you all for any help in this. 

Janet oppsode

Peace Be With You.




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