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Pablo Morales

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply.
Do I need to have Jaws installed on the server?

Thanks Mike,

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Hi Pablo. I've been sifting through my messages from the last two weeks and saw yours. I have used JAWS in a Citrix environment, VMWare and also RDP. Citrix and VMWare seem to work the best. A lot depends on band width. If you have good connectivity, things work well. Of course, you need to have the Remote access add-on license on your version of JAWS, which is an additional 200 bucks.

On 12/29/20, Pablo Morales <> wrote:
Hello all,

I would like to know if some of you guys had the opportunity to work
on a Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What is the best way to work on this platforms with jaws remotely?
Thanks in advance,

And Happy new year 2021,


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