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Hello, one device that may be useful is a Sarah scanner. This device is not portable but it is able to scan print pages one or two at a time.
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Hi All,
This query below is from a smart phone list but, I think y'all might be able to provide an answer for this young lady.  Do any of you know of a device that can be used for the types of reading described below? 
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From: Michelle Bernstein
Subject: [iDevices] Reading your mail
I was talking with a good friend this morning who is neither a computer user nor an owner of a smart phone. She told me that she has heard of a portable device which reads your mail or other paper documents. I asked her if she meant a c c t v and she said no. What do you all use to read the mail which comes in your mail box or other paper documents if you are not a computer or smart phone user? Is there such a thing as a portable reader and who would make such a device? My friend has a volunteer reader, but can not meet with this person because of the current situation.
Thank you, Michelle
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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