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It isn't safe to use an old version of a browser. The newer version will work as well or better since that very old one is a release from near the beginning of the revision of the browser and the newest version is a much later version. Some accessibility problems may have been worked out between then and now.

If you are worried about accessibility problems in new versions of Firefox, use Firefox portable. You can keep the old version, the one you are currently using, upgrade the copy you use, and if there are any problems, go back to the earlier version simply by deleting the one you updated, then copying it to the place where the one you use is located. If you want to keep all your book marks and history, back up the version of the browser before you upgrade it. You can set Firefox to tell you when an upgrade is available but not to automatically upgrade. so you can back it up first.

You shouldn't use old versions of bfrowsers. They aren't as safe because of flaws found in older versions.

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A banking site I use (Chase) insists that I get a newer version of my
Browser. Now, I'm using Firefox 60.9.0ESR along with a recent version
of NVDA. Has anyone experienced newer firefox and do you think there
will be problems?


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