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Mike B.

Hi Heather,
Yes, they are there but, somehow they've become unchecked.  Try the following to get them back.
1. Type Control Panel in the search box.
2. Press enter on Control Panel.
3. Click Power Options.
4. Click Choose what the power buttons do.
5. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.  You might have to tab or Shift + tab to get there.
6. Tab past, Turn on fast startup, and you'll come to checkboxes for Sleep Hibernate and Lock.  Check the boxes you want to show.  Now tab to save changes, press enter and Alt + F4 to close.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hay, I noticed on my windows pc running ten latest, I do not see a sleep or hibernate  in the list of options. Do they not have these options anymore? I only see shut  down, sign out and switch user. I am not using quick start up set.So is that the reason why I do not get these options? Thanks Heather


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