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I don't know what the problem is. You should have had settings retained through upgrades. The easiest thing to do rather than troubleshooting, would likely be to use Firefox Portable. It does everything Firefox, the installed program, does. You can back up the program once you place it on your machine and have a version you can use if something goes wrong with the one you run. Just delete the one you ruhhn, then copy the backup copy to where you usually run the program. As you make changes, add bookmarks, change settings, install addons, you can back up the program again and have the latest version available if you need to replace the one you are running. And you can protect yourself against a bad update by keeping the backup of the old version, the one you haven't updated until you know the updated version works properly.

You can download Firefox Portable here:
You can have different versions on the machine. You can have an installed version on the machine as well.


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Thanks Gene, and I'm sure you're right; but:
Used to be that when I started firefox, it displayed a whole page of
Google (because google was set to be my start page). Everything
pertaining to google; all the google links, the edit box for searching,
the search button, ETC. After all my updating, reverting et al,
starting firefox just gives me about four items that I can tab through.
No edit box, and my NVDA does no longer go into edit mode allowing me to
input my search criteria.

I'm sure there must be something in the firefox setup that will let me
have my old screens back; but I just can't find it.

I wonder if there's a tutorial that will show me how to set this up the
way it was? I know I should google it, but I can't get there.

Appreciate your suggestions.


On 1/9/2021 4:28 PM, Gene wrote:
and if you revert and your computer is infected because you go to a web site that can infect your machine through an unpatched vulnerability, you may really regret not updating and not keeping the browser current.

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OK; I did it. Updated my firefox. It says it's now version 84.0.2 (I
think it is). It does not act anything like before the update. Screen
seems totally different. I think I'll have to revert. This is exactly
why I did not want to update.

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