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Madison Martin

Do I have to pay for c-cleaner? Also, do I have to pay for it? It said that my system is up-to-date. I found task manager, but can’t find the performance tab…  


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A few things you can look at are:

Make sure that the computer doesn’t have anything blocking the vents such as table cloths etc…

You can also check for driver and bio updates with the Lenovo vintage app that should be already installed on your computer.

There is also some performance settings you can adjust in this app that might help.

You can download C  Cleaner to do a clean up of the machine and also to turn off programs that start up automatically.

You can use task manager under the performance tab to see which program is using up the CPU resources the most.

Hopefully this helps.


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From: Madison Martin
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Subject: [TechTalk] laptop question


Hi all,

I've had this laptop since March, and I notice that the fan seems to run a lot,

which I assume means that the laptop gets overheated, any idea why this might be

happening? I'm running Windows 10 2004, the latest Jaws 2021, and office 365. My

laptop is a Lenovo think book 13s 20r9005vus


Look forward to any thoughts or help anyone can provide!!!








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