Re: need to bypass the earphone jack on my laptop

Monte Single

I have purchased 2 usb sound cards from amazon.
There are lots of them there.
The ones I got were very cheap, less than ten bucks.
These little usb sound cards have two eighth inch female jac ports; one is for earphone, the other for microphone.
Cheap, simple, effective.
No muss, no fuss; just plug them in.
I think the brand I got was Sabrent.
So yes, they are a sound card, but also let you plug in an audio jack, and a mic.

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Hi all,

The earphone jack on my laptop doesn't work and I need to replace the USB to 3.5 mm earphone jack adapter I'm using. In looking on amazon I'm seeing quite a few USB to 3.5 mm sound cards, are they the same as an adapter? Btw the plan will be to plug a set of speakers into the adapter that will be plugged into one of the USB ports on my laptop, and no microphone will be in play.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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