Re: JAWS and Windows Ten Question Please.

Madison Martin

Hi Jean and Janet,
Jean I just tried it out. Janet:
hit the Windows key, then start typing Jaws
as soon as you hear Jaws 2021 press your right arrow key
then arrow down 6 times and you'll hear uninstall
Enter on this and it should work as my previous instructions indicated

Hope this works!!!!!

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I can't tell you just how this is done in Windows 10. If I press and release
the Windows key in Windows 7, then type jaws, the start menu search shows me
JAWS in the results.
If I keep down arrowing, I get to uninstall JAWS. There is no need to use shift

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HI Madison.
As soon as I press shift f10, all I hear is a ding sound, and that is as far as
I can get, so this isn't working. I have been having problems with JAWS 2021,
and I even downloaded a new version of JAWS 2021 thinking maybe JAWS
2021 got corrupted during the first download. So, after downloading again, I
then get a message saying this version of JAWS needs to be repaired, so I press
space or enter to allow JAWS to repair, and I'm assuming it is repairing, as I
hear the ticking sound as well as a message saying JAWS is preparing to
download, and I get a message about 10 or 15 minutes later saying JAWS has
completed the repair, and I need to restart my computer, so I restart the
computer, but JAWS is still the exact same way. I can't seem to do anything
with JAWS 2021 rather on my Laptop win 10 or PC win 07.
Thank you so much for your instructions, as I wil keep them for further


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Hi Janit,
Hit the Windows key
Arrow down and you'll hear all aps
Arrow down until you get to Jaws, if your computer is like mine then it'll
probably be a folder that's collapsed If this is the case then enter on the
folder and the first thing that should come up is Jaws 2021 Press shift f10 then
arrow down a few times and you'll find uninstall Just enter on this and you
should get a little voice telling how far along the uninstall is

Hope this helps!!

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Hi Everyone,
Can someone please tell me if there is an easier way to uninstall JAWS 2021 in
Windows 10 Laptop, other than going through the Control Panel? I already know
how to uninstall a program through the Control Panel. I don't think I've ever
uninstalled JAWS before, as I usually install it.

Thank you in advance.


Peace Be With You.

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