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I have the Alkatel Go Flip 3. There is a phone that is much cheaper that many people like. It is supposed to do a lot of what mine does and is about forty dollars while mine is 100 dollars. Others may comment on that phone. I'd have to look a little through e-mails to find its name. I don't know just what mine does that the other one doesn't but you may find that the other one does what you want.


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thanks jene
what kind of phone do you have?

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I haven't used the Blind Shell Phone and I don't know how well the browser works. I'm not at all sure a feature phone will do all you want. I can use Youtube with my Phone because it works to some extent with the Google Assistant. If it didn't, the Youtube app on the phone would be inacdcessible. This is a feature phone and means nothing as to what can be done with a smart phone.

While I can probably do Google searches, my browser isn't fully accessible and its annoyingly cumbersome to use the browser at all seriously. There is no read to end command. I can read a [paragraph, then I have to issue a move down command to have the next paragraph read. Reading text of more than a short length is cumbersome to do in that way.

I have no idea if any feature phones have a What's App app.

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hi all
what cell phone with buttons would you all recommend for someone who is about 64 years
he is not tech savi
i no about blind shell, but let me no if there are others?
the phone must do
1. whats app
2. basic calling
3. google search
4. you tube

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