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Thank you for this, as this is something to think about. I have 15 days to return this Laptop to Best Buy, and the countdown of the 15 days started when I picked it up this last Saturday. Although, I really don't think it is the Laptop, I'm pretty sure this is on the end of JAWS just for the simple fact, JAWS 2021 performs the exact same way on my Windows 7. I just thought when I would put JAWS 2021 on my Windows 10, it might perform better, but it isn't, as JAWS 2021 performs on my Windows 7 it is the same on my Windows 10.


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It may be that Freedom Scientific may be able to solve the problem. I'm
beginning to think that there is either something wrong with or something
nonstandard about the Windows installation, though the problem could be
something else.

I don't know how long you have to return the computer or exchange it. You
might want to consider trying a computer from Computers For the Blind.
You'll save a lot of money and the computer, though it will be considerably
slowwer, may satisfy you for what you are going to use it for. You aren't
using the computer for anything that requires a good deal of power. It
comes with JAWS installed and NVDA as well. You may have time to evaluate
it and have time to return the machine yu have now. You can ask if you can
return the machine from Computers For the Blind if you wish. I suspect you
will be able to but you can check. if you can return either machine,
evaluating the Computers for the Blind machine might be a good idea.

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If it's of any conciliation, I just downloaded the latest upgrade and didn't
get such a message.

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Hi Shelly,
If you do download the latest version of JAWS from their web site, as I did
last night, would you please let me know during or after the download, if
you got a message saying this version of JAWS needs to be repaired, as I had
to repair JAWS 2021? Assuming you might be downloading JAWS 2021.
I would greatly appreciate your help in this, as I am having some serious
issues with JAWS 2021.
Thank you.


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Hi Shelly,

Go to the Freedom Scientific website, then downloads, and then you should be
able to download the latest update. Hope this helps, Madison

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Hi Group:

My computer kept telling me that there was Jaws updates but didn't have time
so I said no a few times and now it's not asking me anymore. I went to Jaws
and went to help and then about like I do in Thunderbird and I can see the
updates there but in Jaws, there is no updates. Does anyone know where I
can find my update and do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
in advance.


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