Re: longevity of braille printers?

Donald L. Roberts

Josh and other interested persons,

My Juliet Classic purchased in 1994 is still going strong.  The funny thing is that I purchased it used for $1500 1994 dollars.  It is so old that I have to use it with a USB to parallel adapter.

Don Roberts

On 1/16/2021 8:11 AM, Monte Single wrote:

That’s a pretty big question.

If the printer is being used for personal use, it could last for many many years.

As with all electronics,  keep it cool, dry and dust free.

I worked for a school board and one of it’s embossers, a  single sided versapoint, purchased in 1991  was still working in 2011 when I left that department.

It was a lightly used umbosser.

Others will have greater experience.

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I just bought a new viewPlus compatible braille buddy embosser as you may know… My question is: how many years can I expect it to last? And how do I set the correct paper size for embossing on those junkmail postcard-type flyers I get in the mail? Or will I need one of those plastic braille rulers from APH to measure paper sizes before embossing?





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