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I love my braille printer, and I think the reason I like it so much, is that I only use it when I need to have items with me for a meeting.  Yes, they are noizy, and yes they can create dust, but when you need to print something for yourself or other blind people, it's nice to have the abillity to do so.



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Hi.  Just as a point of interest, how do you brave gals and guys live with braille embossers in your homes?  They are noisy beasts you know, and i don't think I can take the noise levels when they are embossing braille in my sitting room.  Perhaps the newer embossers are quieter, but oh my sainted aunt! those oldies do certain cause a racket.  Cheers!

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Josh and other interested persons,


My Juliet Classic purchased in 1994 is still going strong.  The funny thing is that I purchased it used for $1500 1994 dollars.  It is so old that I have to use it with a USB to parallel adapter.


Don Roberts




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That’s a pretty big question.

If the printer is being used for personal use, it could last for many many years.

As with all electronics,  keep it cool, dry and dust free.

I worked for a school board and one of it’s embossers, a  single sided versapoint, purchased in 1991  was still working in 2011 when I left that department.

It was a lightly used umbosser.

Others will have greater experience.

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I just bought a new viewPlus compatible braille buddy embosser as you may know… My question is: how many years can I expect it to last? And how do I set the correct paper size for embossing on those junkmail postcard-type flyers I get in the mail? Or will I need one of those plastic braille rulers from APH to measure paper sizes before embossing?





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