Re: my computer will not update, causing all kinds of problems.

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Did you try to use the Windows Upgrade assistant?

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Hi Jim.  Much as I hate to recommend a clean install, I think that this would be an appropriate action in your case.  I think your windows installation currently has some incurable issues that only a clean install can resolve.  Mind you, this is what I hope to be the case though because problems like this may also be caused by hardware issues.  But take the clean install option first and see how it will help.  Sorry to be a bearer of such bad news.  Cheers!

On 17/1/2021 3:29 am, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all,For several months, I have tried to get my computer to update from windows 1909 to the current version. Microsoft has tried several times to update it, but they can’t do it. They put a repair tool in an it did no good. They tried installing the current version but that failed as well. So, I have a computer that will not install any updates, security or otherwise. Jaws will not update as well. I am authorized to version 2020, but I can only go to 2018. I am out of warrantee on this abacus computer. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fixthuis**** computer? Smile. Jim.

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