Re: longevity of braille printers?

Josh Kennedy

the irie-at and viewPlus embossers such as the braille buddy are a little louder than a perkins brailler, not much, just a little louder. The braille buddy at least has plastic pieces that just snap together. The single sheet or cut sheet feeder tray snaps into place using two pegs on the sides of the printer. There is another small plastic tray that snaps into place below that... and the whole top cover in front of the 4 button control panel also comes off and you can get to the carriage mechanism and solenoids and solenoid housings to make it easier to clean the printer and clear any paper jams. I have not used it with tractor feed paper as I do not have the room. So far I just used it with single sheets of 8.5x11 inch thermoform plastics and braille paper. It will also feed through smaller items like 3x5 index cards. I did ask irie-at to consider making a less expensive embosser. If they make tiger software suite an optional purchase, this would bring the price from $1495 united states dollars down to $1295. And if they reduce the speed by 25 percent, from 25 characters per second down to 18 to 20 characters per second and get rid of the tractor feed option, making it a cut-sheet-only printer, they may be able to get the price down to $1195 or maybe a bit less. 
One more thing. If you guys want to build your own high quality embosser and start selling it, you can do so! Just go to ... and follow directions there. Supposedly that braillerap embosser is a cut-sheet printer that will also emboss soft aluminums. It does text and graphics. 


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