Are Speech Synthesizers Base, Midrange or Treble Heavy?

Bhavya shah

Dear all,

While the bulk of my question is captured in the subject line, I would
like to contextualize it slightly. Many of us buy headphones, speakers
and other audio products and as blind people, screen readers' speech
synthesis is what we listen to most frequently. I would imagine that
different text to speech engines would operate at different
frequencies, but I was wondering if there is a certain portion of the
spectrum - namely base, midrange, or treble - that speech synthesizer
occupy more commonly in general? If, for instance, the answer to this
question is base, would base-heavy or extra-base audio products be
conducive to a better experience for screen reader users? I am more
interested in thoughts on this subject overall, but regardless, I'll
share that I use ETI Eloquence>Reed at 65% pitch and ESpeak-NG>Steph 2
at 39% pitch as my synthesizers of choice with NVDA.

I would truly appreciate any thoughts and insights on this subject.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024
E-mail Address: bhavya.shah125@...

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