computer speakers

Veronica Kirk

I would like to get computer speakers for my laptop, which when in the office is connected to a docking station.  I have some awesome Logitech speakers that I use for my other computer that are about eight years old.  These speakers include a subwoofer with a knob with which to control the amount of base, two desktop smaller speakers and another controller which has the on and off switch, and the volume button.  Now, this is where I may confuse all of you.  I cannot use this system on the docking station as the connection is not a USB connector.  I need to find speakers that have a USB connector like one has for a keyboard, as the other type on the docking station do not work any longer (like some earphones use.)  I went to Walmart today and found some Logitech speakers, and the worker there (who did not help very much at all) said the speakers have USB capability.  However, when I got home I found that was not the case.  Is there an adaptor to connect the speakers to, and then plug the adaptor in to the USB port on the docking station?  The speakers that I bought today do not have as superb sound as the old speakers I have, so do speakers today have USB connection?  Thank you for your input.




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