Re: Google device or Alexa device?


My feature phone uses the Google assistant for limited purposes. It will play specific songs asked for. It is logical to assume that this is the behavior of the Google Assistant on smart phones or any phones that can work with Youtube.

The Google Home, evidently, doesn't allow this.


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Gene, if you have a YouTube Music subscription, or a subscription to another
service such as Spotify or Pandora, you will be able to play specific songs.
If no subscriptions to any service, then songs will be played at random and,
a requested song may be somewhere at number 15 in the list of songs being
played. Of course, one or two ads will be played between songs.

Particular genres can be selected even without a subscription; example, I
could say: "Hey (or OK) Google" play Smooth Jazz; Google Home (or the
Assistant) will launch YouTube Music and begin playing the requested genres.

Ok, I don't know how this feature will work on a feature phone, but in My
Shiny Android Toys world, it's all good!

Denver, Colorado

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