Re: difficulty using postal service website using jaws

David L Minton, Jr

Good afternoon, I have always had issues using the United States Postal Service website with a lot of things. One you can’t create a case and document it with all the things that you’re missing that the post the package never got to your location. And they informed delivery you never can read what is showing is in your mailbox that day due to they use pictures and Giles will not see them. I am using chrome and I have used explore and fire fox in the past. None of the browsers are working for me. If you are getting it to work with you please
If you are willing to share with me how you were getting it to work I would really appreciate it. You can reach back to me privately if you wish. I wish the website was more accessible to easily impaired or blind persons. Have a great day and stay safe.

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Hi all,

What browser are you using, and what OS?

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