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Hi, if you use Jaws, you will find the following commands absolutely helpful.

To enable or disable alerts, press Alt+Windows+S.

To hear the most recent alert, press Alt+Windows+A.

To be reminded of whether alert announcements are enabled or disabled, press JAWSKey+Tab.

To review the last 10 alerts or messages, press Control+1 through to Control+0. Press twice quickly to virtualise.

To only allow chat messages when pressing Control+1 through to Control+0 press control+F5.

To have Zoom announce who's currently talking, press control+Shift+T.


Functionality has also been added to report:

The state of recording when ALT+R is pressed. This is a keystroke which enables or disables the recording.

Whether the recording has been paused or is resuming when ALT+P is pressed.

Whether the audio has been muted for all participants when ALT+A is pressed.





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hi all

 how to turn off notifications in zoom from having your screen reader say who comes in the meeting etc



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