Re: issue with NVDA, JAWS, on the youtube search button. help

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What you can do, press the B to go to the next button or shift and be to go to the prayer button until you get to the search button then press enter

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I don't use Youtube search. I don't know if this will solve your problem but you can search for things using Google. Type the search and then write youtube. the search will find videos on Youtube. I haven't used Youtube search because using Google works well for what I want to do and I'd rather use one interface for finding things than more than one if the one works well.

There is a way to see more results from Youtube or a single site which I'll describe if you want more results. I'd have to either experiment a bit or read about it to make sure I remember the syntax correctly. I almost never use it, though its important to know for occasions when you want to see more results from one site using Google.

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Subject: [TechTalk] issue with NVDA, JAWS, on the youtube search button. help

hi all.

I ask you all who use youtube with the latest version of NVDA:

i'm having issues with youtube search.
every time I try to open the edit field in youtube with NVDA or JAWS, in
the search button nothing happens.
this had never happened to me before.
this issue has been leaving me out of youtube for two days because I
can't do my research.
I am using 4 browsers on my pc, and in none of them the search button
works ...

browsers are:
microsoft edge, fire fox, google chrome, and brave.

and yes, i am registered with my youtube account.
otherwise everything works normally.

can any of you inform me if this is also happening to you?

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