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thanks gene

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JAWS often mixes application keys with JAWS keys when you get help in JAWS and the help doesn't distinguish between the two. Some of the commands may work, some may not. There is an NVDA command to tell you who is speaking, control 2. Why JAWS has its own key, I don't know but maybe it comes from a time when the Zoom command was not available. There is also an NVDA add-on for Zoom.

Here is a page with all the Zoom keyboard commands:

Here is the add-on page:

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i use NVDA
lets hope they work with NVDA

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Hi, if you use Jaws, you will find the following commands absolutely helpful.

To enable or disable alerts, press Alt+Windows+S.

To hear the most recent alert, press Alt+Windows+A.

To be reminded of whether alert announcements are enabled or disabled, press JAWSKey+Tab.

To review the last 10 alerts or messages, press Control+1 through to Control+0. Press twice quickly to virtualise.

To only allow chat messages when pressing Control+1 through to Control+0 press control+F5.

To have Zoom announce who's currently talking, press control+Shift+T.

Functionality has also been added to report:

The state of recording when ALT+R is pressed. This is a keystroke which enables or disables the recording.

Whether the recording has been paused or is resuming when ALT+P is pressed.

Whether the audio has been muted for all participants when ALT+A is pressed.


Leo Bado.

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hi all

how to turn off notifications in zoom from having your screen reader say who comes in the meeting etc


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