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Here's some advice from someone who has been investing in the stock market for 35 years.  Forget about hot tips, hot sectors and frequent trading.  You will lose your shirt.  Unless you have money to burn, you need to be very careful how you invest it.  I discovered the hard way that the only way to consistently make money in the stock market is to buy and hold index mutual funds or exchange traded funds with low annual operating costs for the long run, and be patient.  You will never outperform the overall market, but you will never underperform it, either, in bad times, and you will minimize your downside market risk.  Over time, your assets will grow surely but steadily.   Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard all offer low-cost S&P 500 and Total stock market index funds.  Never allocate more than 10% or 15% of your money to risky or speculative investments such as IPO's, hot tech stoks or fast-growing companies with no consistent track records. If you are a BARD patron, I suggest downloading Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine every month to get investing ideas from respected market analysts and financial experts.  



On 1/29/2021 9:15 AM, Lenron wrote:
I honestly wish I could find a good group with stock advice. Something
really teaching the little guy how to get started, best platforms to
get started, and maybe a few stocks to really get going. I wish I had
gotten gamestop a few weeks ago. Should have put all my holiday cash
behind that one.

On 1/29/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
That's ccorrect, the company is the same.  I had forgotten it is the same
company with a new and ridiculous name.  It sounds like a bird.

I have no  idea under what name it is traded as stock.

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Excuse me?  Vispero/Freedom Scientific most certainly does still own JAWS.
Despite the new name of the company, they still use the Freedom Scientific
name in the addresses of web sites for JAWS, Open Book and Zoom downloads,
and still refer to their podcasts as FSCasts.  So the Freedom Scientific
name is still widely used by the company and has not been officially phased

out entirely.


On 1/29/2021 8:44 AM, Gene wrote:
Freedom Scientiffic no longer owns JAWS.  The name of the company has
changed.  Its something like vispero.  (spelling)

I haven't done this for a long time, but You evidently can't, in any
systematic way, find stock prices by doing Google searches.  There are sites

where you can get the value of stocks. I'll let those who know far more
about the subject go into that further.  I have no idea if voice assistants

will get you such information.

I haven't read about the story, but I know it is around.  I intend to learn

more about it.  How do you intend to invest?  It won't make any difference
if you buy stock in a company, assuming the stock is fully purchased.  You
are buyng stock from another holder and no money is raised in that way by
the company.  The stocck continues to trade because when companies want to
issue new stock to raise more money, the new stock has a value, whatever the

value of the old stock is at the time of issue.  If there are other wways of

investing in such companies, I am not aware of them.

I can't tell you what methods may raise more money for any specific company.

I can tell you that if you want to help a company that depends a good deal
on contributions, you can contribute to NVDA.  It isn't investing, it’s a

As far as searching with Google, the site, type your search in the edit
field and press enter.  Then, after a short pause, start moving through the

page using h for heading.  All results are displayed by heading.

Sighted people search constantly and they often use an actual site
interface.  If blind people don't know how to search, they are putting
themselves at a significant information disadvantage.  I'm not saying that
as criticism of you, I'm saying it because it may encourage more people to
try searching.

Despite what you may have heard about complexities of searching, just type
what you want to know.  You can use full sentences or phrases.  Most
snowfall in Chicago for example, or what is the most snowfall in Chicago
history, I doubt there is any difference or any significant difference in
the results. I Want To Hold Your Hand lyrics is an example of finding lyrics

for words to a song.  Name of book followed by the word review or reviews to

find reviews of a book, the same for a restaurant, etc.

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Hay, after all the stuff with game stop over the past week, I was thinking
about freedom scientific and NVDA access. So I saw freedom was on the stock,

it would not give me it’s stock price. So wonder if someone can tell me how

check on this? I asked both google and alexa and they were acting stupid
about the whole thing. I would ask, but not sure how to start
searching!, It made me start to think about investing in our blindness
technology perhaps it will generate more income and that can create better
products that we all can use. Like a better braille display, screen reader,

better note taker. I agree with the red it theme, take charge of your own
and not let wall street and companies decide if the stock is worth something

or not, we should have a say not a person who does not use these products.
Just a thought for the tec group might have someideas or not! Cheers

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