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Hi Gerald:

Thank you for that tip. It was a good one.

There are many books out there about getting started in the stock market. I have not looked, but I’m sure there are at least a few unbarred mobile. That might be a good place to start. Plus, someone out there is always offering and expensive seminar on getting started. Unfortunately, the seminars are expensive and they usually try to sell you more information. I’m not sure how much people actually learn at these events and I’m not sure if they are satisfied when they purchased the information that is offered.

Earlier, someone mentioned socially conscious investment funds. You can Google those as there are socially conscious investment funds for conservatives, liberals, conservative Christians and everyone in between. I don’t have any extra money to invest right now, but I know of some investment funds/mutual funds that are in line with my beliefs as a conservative practicing Catholic. If I had the money, I would certainly invest through these mutual funds that I know about.

If you want to invest in or just help a new start up, a new nonprofit or an entrepreneur with an interesting business idea, crowdfunding is always an option. As with investment funds, there are crowdfunding organizations that fund a wide variety of businesses, ministries and organizations. There are even crowdfunding organizations that help fund faith based entrepreneurs and ministries if that is your particular passion.


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I was trying to use the stocks app off the iPhone, guess I forgot that freedom changed it’s name woe. Maybe that was why I was not having luck finding what I wanted off google. I seem to remember as high school students, our class was given grant money or something. We were allowed to use the money to invest in the market and the money we made funding school projects. I think we made 25 thousand dollars from this project. I always wondered what happen to this now as I think it was just befor the tec bubble  in 2000! Cheers, Thank everyone for their info, always like to learn something knew! Heather


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With Google on the Computer, in the Search Bar, just type:


How much is one share of whatever stock.


Enter, and Arrow down to Skip to topic, or whatever it is, hit Enter. Most of the time, you will get to something like Market Summary. Arrow down to get the information.


Then, on my computer, I can page up, and I think maybe Down Arrow once, back space, and I'm back in the Search Bar if I want to ask about another stock.


I find Google is a little better than Siri, who simply cannot find Duke Energy or DUK (the symbol).


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Hay, after all the stuff with game stop over the past week, I was thinking about freedom scientific and NVDA access. So I saw freedom was on the stock, it would not give me it’s stock price. So wonder if someone can tell me how check on this? I asked both google and alexa and they were acting stupid about the whole thing. I would ask, but not sure how to start searching!, It made me start to think about investing in our blindness technology perhaps it will generate more income and that can create better products that we all can use. Like a better braille display, screen reader, better note taker. I agree with the red it theme, take charge of your own and not let wall street and companies decide if the stock is worth something or not, we should have a say not a person who does not use these products. Just a thought for the tec group might have someideas or not! Cheers Heather



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