Re: question why is something that is a non proffit still making money?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Mich, if a nonprofit company/organisation DOES NOT make money, its boat or
ship will sink and the pieces may not be salvageable. As nonprofit
entities, there are obligations that need to be satisfied: Example, payment
of electric bills, payment for rented space, maintenance of property(ies)
owned, the list goes on forever.

Nonprofits can purchase stocks as a form of investment; they can also invest
in annuities, mutual funds and such. Money made from these and other
investments go back to fund whatever cause(s) they choose to root for.

Whereas they can always source funds through donations from the general
public, such funding can dry up pretty quick especially during troublesome
economic times. As such, an astute nonprofit will be wise enough setting
aside some of the funds raised for investment purposes. Typically, they
will have long and short term investment objectives.

In most countries, there's a central body that dictate rules governing
nonprofit company/organisation functions and operations. For these United
States, there are a trillion complications! The Internal Revenue Service
does its thing with them for tax purposes, but then each of the 50 states
and colonies add their own set of rules too.

Denver, Colorado

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