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Carolyn Arnold

One time, I called my broker, told him I'd like to buy
Amazon (at that time, about $1,600 a share), but with the
money I had in the money market at my brokerage account, I
could only buy three, but, I could buy 300 KBR shares. He
never heard of KBR. I grew up in Houston, and Brown and Root
is one of the biggest employers there. So I bought KBR and
almost doubled my money in two years.

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Sis Holly, I'm crying with you too, silently! A young
22-year-old here in my hideout got in at the $7 point,
invested birthday monetary gifts in Game Stop grabbing 80
shares of stock, sold them at $397 a piece. Suddenly, the
young man has earned enough towards a downpayment on a house
and he's so excited 'cause that's what he had desired. How
I wish I was that smart at his age!

Sarcastically, I used to tell my buddy how RICH I AM
investing in penny stocks. He'd ask me what i would invest
in if I WERE POOR ... Oh, I'll shoot for Amazon, Alphabet,
and Tesla! We'd both laugh ourselves to tears hysterically.
Well, he joined me in the penny stock column, and now he's
all smiles! I am excited for him and I've
challenged/encouraged him to go teach his friends a thing or
two about the rudiments of investing.

Sometimes, one loses many, gains some or nothing at all!
I'll keep investing as best I can though; that's how I make
my dimes and nickels for all of my adventurous streaks; I
wait impatiently for the pandemic to go away, my restless
legs want to go roaming!

Denver, Colorado

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