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episode 7 of the blind android users podcast is now live.
In this episode 7, we are privileged to talk with Bartolomei Robert
Daniel, the developer of both the "Prometheus News feed" and the
"Classic EReader."

Robert took us through the history behind the development of the
newsfeed app and also talked about the plans he has for both the
EReader and the newsfeed app in terms of TTS Engine selection and

"Prometheus Newsfeed" can be found at the following Play URL:
While the "Classic EReader" is found at:

From here, we moved on to the review of the LG V50 phone by our friend
Hareth from Algeria.
This is followed by some commentary by us on LG as a company with
respect to manufacturing phones and what it does for accessibility.

The next segment takes a look at the core apps that come by default
after one finishes setting up and Android device.

We conclude the episode with our favorite segment of the podcast--The
"my android journey " segment and this time, our friend Anthony AKA
Scorpion, takes us down his memory lane of when he began using

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