Re: where is the site, that is offering low price computers to blind people?

Gerald Levy

The organization that makes low cost computers available to any blind person, regardless of income, is called Computers for the Blind.  They are located in Garland, TX. They refurbish commercial grade computers  and install a one-year license for JAWS 2021, so it is ready to go and come up speaking right out of the box.  All you have to do is set it up.  You can order a desktop for $130 which comes with a 20 inch flat panel monitor, full size keyboard, optical mouse,, speakers and all connecting cables.  A laptop costs  slightly more, and all computers come with Windows 10 64 bit Pro as well as a number of other blind-friendly programs already installed. All computers are covered by a one-year warranty.  For additional cost, you can upgrade to an SSD and add additional RAM.  This is a great deal, because a one-year license for JAWS by itself would cost $90.  I am using the Windows 7 HP desktop I ordered from them a few years ago and it has served me well.  I have a Windows 10 desktop in reserve that I also ordered from them.   For more infornation, call them at 214-340-6328 or visit their web site:



On 2/1/2021 2:47 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, what do you do to qualify for a computer? Does the computer include jaws? I’d like more info on this please. Jim

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