Re: does windows mail work with jaws?


Hi Jim and All,
With Windows 10 there is the Windows Mail app, in which from my understanding, it is basically a free mail app of the Outlook for iOS. People who might be familiar with the Outlook for iOS will probably know what that is. I use Outlook for iOS on my iPhone, and I love that app, and now, that I have Windows 10 and the Windows Mail app, it is quite similar to what I have on my phone, in which I do like. So, I guess I can say yes, I do like the Windows Mail app, and it does work fine with JAWS, or at least it has so far!


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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] does windows mail work with jaws?

Do you want Ofice because you want it or just for Outlook? You can use the
Windows mail app but it is a very limited program and a lot of people don't
like it. How well it would meet your needs, I don't know. As I recall from
discussions I've seen, you can't create message rules.Why not use either
Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail? They are both free.

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Subject: [TechTalk] does windows mail work with jaws?

I may be getting a new computer that does not include outlook. So does
windows mail work with jaws 2021? If not, is there a place I can get officer
2019? Jim

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