Re: does windows mail work with jaws?

Abbie Taylor

The Windows 10 mail app works well with JAWS 2021. Some of the commands you use in Outlook will work here as well. For example Comtrol plus Y opens a folders list, and Control plus Shift plus V gives you the option to move a message to a specific folder. This program syncs beautifully with my gmail account. So, all my contacts are available, and auto-complete works the same way it does in Outlook. 

Granted, the Windows 10 mail app is limited, but if you don't need message rules or anything fancy, it should work. The only thing I've found inaccessible is the signature dialog box, but I was able to create a signature with the assistance of Casey Mathews of Web Friendly Help. Once you get your new computer, if you have questions about the Windows 10 mail app, please feel free to email me off-list, and I'll try to help. I think I like this app better than Outlook and am considering discontinuing my Microsoft 365 subscription and just purchasing Word, which I still use and love.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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