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George McCoy

If Madison does that, he will loose all his data; facebook friends, saved posts, groups, preferences, everything. Facebook is not like mailing lists. The account is tied to an email address. Using a different address will create a second blank unused no-data facebook account.

It looks like the email address was successfully changed for log in purposes, but not for notifications.

If I were Madison, I'd do the following.

Click the accounts button near the top of the initial screen

Find the settings and privacy button and click it.

Find and click the settings link.

Using screen reader's browser controls, find the list of settings types.

Arrow down to notifications and click it.

Move to the top of the page and find the first level 2 heading, which is the beginning of the notifications settings.

Near the bottom of that page, after the list of notification types there is a collapsed button that, I believe, will let you change the email address for notifications.


On 1/30/2021 9:08 PM, Janet wrote:
Hi Madison,
Well, I see no one has answered you yet. I'm not familiar with Facebook either, but have you tried to unsubscribe using your old email, and resubscribing with your new email? Just a thought.


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Hi all,
I was able to add this email address to my profile on Facebook, but
notifications are still going to my old email. How do I change it so that they
get sent to this address? I saw that there's a link to remove this address from
my profile, but there didn't seem to be one to remove my old email address. I'm
using, the latest Edge, the latest Jaws 2021, and Windows 10
version 2004. Thanks Madison

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