Re: google play store

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Ms. Pingstock wrote in part:

"my meeting is on the google play store for zoom, how to I install this on
my windows ten laptop."

Google Play Store on Zoom? Not too sure I understand your question too
well. Google Play Store is pretty much like the Windows Store from
Microsoft, or the Apple Store from Apple. It is bundled with the Android
Operating System; as such, it can't be installed on a Windows OS!

I know there's experimentation here and there about running Android in some
kind of a virtual environment in Windows; I haven't paid too close an
attention to where that's going in part because the concept has not, at this
time, grabbed my interest.

Perhaps you may wish to rephrase your question so as to provide some
additional clarity; that way, with a better understanding of what you're
trying to do, the gurus in the house can step up to the plate and give you
the needed guidance. Happy Zooming!

Denver, Colorado

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