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Monte Single

Yes, one of the reasons I want to use Edge is it's ability to read articles
in web pages and skip through all the adds and garbage.

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Edge is a chrome based browser and it automatically updates itself. As for
checking if itt is up-to-date, open the menu, hold alt and type f. Up
arrow, its much faster, to help and press enter.
You are in a submenu. Down arrow to about and press enter. Wait for the
page to load. Search for the word about, as you would search any web page
for something, and down arrow from there. You will see update status and
version information.

One or more people have done free tutorials and I may be able to find one if
nothing is posted here. If you know how to use Chrome, this is very
similar. Also, Edge is considered a better browser. If you are using
Chrome now, you may want to try Edge enough to determine if you want to

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Subject: [TechTalk] version of edge

Hi List,

I just pinned m s edge to my task bar; I see reasons to use it like the read

page feature.

I am using current nvda with win10 20h2.

How can I tell if I am using a currrentversion of Edge?

Has anyone done a free tutorial for Edge?



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