Question about an audio cable from a friend

Nancy Shackelford

This is from a friend with a Mac computer:
I have a Mac mini and it’s the latest model.  This is the second one
I’ve owned.  The first one I owned had a digital optical out which was
in the same plug as the headphone out.  And the cord went from a 3.5
mm plug to an optical plug.  I have the Acoustic energy computer
speakers I got from Crane.  A sub woofer and sound bar.  They can
reproduce from either an analog or digital out.  You make the
selection from the supplied remote control.  Well when my hard drive
failed on the mac mini 2014 computer I bought and had the latest mac
mini custom built by apple for my computer needs.  But this computer
doesn’t have the digital out in the headphone out as did the older
computer.  However there’s an HDMI audio video out port.  If you plug
an HDMI cable in to that port and in to a monetor, you can get both
video and audio.  I know of an adaptor that theoretically should be
able to split the video and audio.  It has an HDMI in, HDMI and 3.5 mm
and RCa and optical out plugs.  My question is, is it possible to just
run audio from the macs HDMI port I’ve checked with apple
accessibility and they don’t know the answer.  I tried one of these
adapters and it didn’t work.  However I forgot to unplug my speakers
from and analog headphone out.  So I sent the adapter back.  If you
can’t answer this question, than where can I go to get this question


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