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Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

With all due respect (and you do this al the time if something doesn't function exactly the way it does on your system it doesn't exist) more often times than not, when JAVA updates on my system--I would say about 80% of the time--Pontes is broken in some form.

I am not able to determine why this is.  Maybe it's because I'm using Windows 10 and you are stuck with 7, but whatever the case, just because it doesn't happen on your system doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.


On 2/6/2021 2:02 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know why the update of JAVA causes problems.  The program doesn't use the JAVA applet.  It has its own JAVA.  I don't have the JAVA applet on my machine.  I found in all my years online, only one or maybe two sites that use it.  I suspect a lot or most people never or almost never need it and it is a security risk.  You don't need it installed to use Pontes.

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Hi Group,

Earlier today, I tried using Pontes Media Downloader and right in the
middle of my attempts, I lost Internet connectivity. This was in the
middle of a Pontes download from Youtube.  I had to reboot my modem and
router and then everything seemed to work OK except for Pontes. At this
same time, the JAVA applet decided to update. In the past, when JAVA has
updated, it has broken Pontes and I had to either uninstall and
reinstall Pontes or manually install the youtube-dl.exe file from

In any case, I went through all this business and Pontes still didn't
work. I then began playing around with the menus in Pontes, something I
almost never do.  I saw an item under the downloads menu that said:
'clear all list items.'  I clicked this item and then tried using Pontes
again.  What do you know? It worked!  i tried several songs after this
from Youtube and they all downloaded just fine.

So maybe when your version of Pontes Media Downloader doesn't work any
more, try accessing the download menu and the 'clear all list items'
before you do anything radical.

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