Re: Interesting Discovery With Pontes Media downloder

Mike B.

Hi Vicki,
To see what you have available in your menues open Ponce and press, Control + O, to access the menues.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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What version do you have? I don't have any option to clear downloads.


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> Hi Group,
> Earlier today, I tried using Pontes Media Downloader and right in the
> middle of my attempts, I lost Internet connectivity. This was in the
> middle of a Pontes download from Youtube. I had to reboot my modem and
> router and then everything seemed to work OK except for Pontes. At this
> same time, the JAVA applet decided to update. In the past, when JAVA has
> updated, it has broken Pontes and I had to either uninstall and reinstall
> Pontes or manually install the youtube-dl.exe file from
> In any case, I went through all this business and Pontes still didn't
> work. I then began playing around with the menus in Pontes, something I
> almost never do. I saw an item under the downloads menu that said: 'clear
> all list items.' I clicked this item and then tried using Pontes again.
> What do you know? It worked! i tried several songs after this from Youtube
> and they all downloaded just fine.
> So maybe when your version of Pontes Media Downloader doesn't work any
> more, try accessing the download menu and the 'clear all list items'
> before you do anything radical.
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