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Mike B.

Hi Veronica,
Here you go:
From: paul lemm
Not a lot of people know that the built in windows disk cleanup as some additional features which you can’t see when running  disk clean up in the usual
way. The below options have been in windows I think since xp, maybe even longer and its completely accessible with Jaws, I’ve always been surprised that
windows don’t add these options to their standard disk cleanup tool, but I guess they are advance settings so don’t want the average user deleting stuff
they might later want. So that being said  I should probably point out to anyone using the extended disk cleaner settings I mention below to only delete
stuff you know you don’t want/need. So its really easy to access just open the dialogue with the keystroke, Windows key + R, and type the following 
cleanmgr sageset:99 
This brings up the standard disk cleanup   interface but with more options than just standard disk clean up. You select what you want it to clean up and
click ok, which closes the disk cleanup window, then go to run again and then this time type the following to run disk cleanup with the settings you just
cleanmgr sagerun:99 
hope the above helps

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I want to thank all of you who responded to my problem.  I definitely am going to have to purchase an external hard drive. 


Mike, I finally got disk cleanup to say that I have zero bytes to free up, but I only had five files listed.  Some of those you had were not included in my list.  Could you please send me the command for more options? 




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When you run the disk cleanup utility are you checking the checkboxes that come up after the analyzing scan tells you how much space the utility can free up?  Here are the options I have to choose to delete or not on my Windows 7 computer:

Downloaded Program Files 0 bytes checked

Temporary Internet Files 0 bytes


Recycle Bin 12.0 KB


Service Pack Backup Files 0 bytes


System error memory dump files 10.3 MB


Temporary files 83.9 KB


Thumbnails 3.29 KB


Per user archived Windows Error Rep... 39.6 KB


System queued Windows Error Reporti... 12.0 MB


There is a command that you can run that will bring up several more options to choose from that I can post if you would like.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I am running out of space on my Dell Latitude laptop running windows 7, and disk cleanup is not sufficient at all.  Could someone please give me instructions on how to use C-Cleaner and where to find it?


I did read an article on the internet about things that can be deleted during disk cleanup such as windows update cleanup and system archived windows error reporting, but I have never seen these when doing disk cleanup on my windows 7.  Thank you very much for any assistance.




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