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hi all.
wow! what a jampacked episode 8 it is.
grab your drinks, some popcorn and let Lazarillo be your guiding light.
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Welcome to Episode 8 of the Blind Android Users podcast.
In this episode, we caught up with Rene Espinoza from the Lazarillo group.
Mr. Espinoza took us on a journey of the app, discussing what's
happening and the things that are yet to come.
Our own Austin Pinto, showcased a short demonstration of the app in
India and the app actually performed wonderfully.
Lazarillo is definitely one of those GPS dedicated for the use of the
blind and it is free from the asking from the following Play URL:
this app is also available on iOS, to download you can visit.
You can further interact with the folks from Lazarillo by going to
their homepage directly or by finding them on our webpage under the
"friends" section of our page.
Lazarillo’s page is at:
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