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Mike B

Hi Veronica,
Will this external harddrive be only used with a laptop?  Or, will you use it for more than 1 computer?  How many USB ports do you have on your laptop and will you use other USB powered devices at the same time?
I use both Sea Gate and Western Digital USB powered external harddrives having great luck with both.  You can get them both in 4 TB capacity from Amazon right now for $89.95.  The best buy is probably the 4TB but, you canl also get a 2 TB drive for $59.95 from Amazon as well.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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From: Andy
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An external HD plugs into a USB port on your PC.  it is then recognized by Windows and appears in your list of drives.  You can copy and paste files to it from another drive. It works alot like a thumb drive, but has a larger capacity.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Concerning an external hard drive

Hi There,


Here I am again needing more assistance.  I have used disk cleanup as Mike instructed, but I do need to purchase an external hard drive.  I have never seen an external hard drive, so I am totally ignorant when it comes to purchasing or using one.  I have only used thumb drives in the past.  I am wondering what size should I get.  Also, can I move e-mails that I have saved on my computer on to the external hard drive?  Thank you for your help.




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