Re: Bluetooth dongle?


I don't know very much about hearing aids so can't comment about them
but I do know a little about Bluetooth transmitters.

Yes, there are many different types and the quality varies. Some are
mono while others transmit in stereo. Some are very clear while others
sound crackly, hiss, or make other noises. Some are very short range
while others will transmit over much longer distances.


On 2/11/21, Vicky Vaughan <> wrote:
Hi List, I have been told that the Oticon More 1 hearing aids will stream
computer's sound to my hearing aids through using a Bluetooth dongle.
However I have tried that sometime ago with Starkey and the sound quality
was awful.

Could there be differing types or qualities of dongles?

I would like to get the quality from these as I think the Com Pilot does
the Phonak. Do any of you think that is possible?

I do have the possibility of trying out the Phonak hearing aids. What do
you think?

I will really appreciate your thoughts!

Sincerely, Vicky V

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