Another question regarding Focus 14 Braille unit

Nancy Shackelford

I purchased a Focus 14 braille display.  Of course it was used, and
all I got was the display.  No usb cable, or AC charger.  The battery
only runs the unit in blue tooth paring.  I have a Mac Mini, and it
works okay with my computer.  The only exception is that I can’t get
it out of eight dot setting.  I looked in the manual and the toggle to
turn eight dot on and off is eight cord.  I think that eight cord
means all the keys 1 through eight with the space bar.  But all it
doesn’t change the setting.  The keys are numbered  1 2 3 and 7 on the
left top of the unit and then 4 5 6 and eight on the right top of the
unit.  The space bar is below the braille display.  I tried it without
the space bar, and no changes.  There is a power on and off button on
the left hand side of the machine, but the keys don’t work in this
setting.  When the unit is connected to a computer, the computer
powers the display.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  The
instructions did state that it would function differently with a third
party computer.  I’m sure they meant a Mac.  Freedom Scientific
doesn’t support this unit anymore.

Nancy Shackelford --Walk On Faith And Trust In Love - Michael Reid--

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