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The ones you are likely to use are the pretty much standardized commands you find in Windows e-mail programs, at least the ones I've used.
Control r reply.
Control n, new message.
Control f, forward.
Control enter, send message.
What is different and important is that when you open the program, you won't be in the message or folders' list. Use f6 to move to the folders or message list. You can tab but its very inefficient because there may be many other areas of the program you will land in.

Also, if you are using NVDA, there is an add-on that lets you easily change the order of columns in the message list. I don't know if this is still the case but for a long time, the subject line was first, followed by the from line. Most people want the from line first.
there is a Thunderbird add-on that lets you use first letter navigation to move to the folder you want. You will likely want that. If someone doesn't give you more information and if you want it ask, and I should be able to find where to get it.


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From: Dave Mitchel
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thank you for the it and now is there anyone who can help with hot keys etc.

any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

On 2/12/2021 3:20 PM, Roberta Nevels wrote:

You can go to

they have a lot of apps you can download.

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Subject: [TechTalk] thunderbird e-mail

I have tried windows mail for the last week and nk I would also like to give thunderbird a try. WM is not a real intuitive e-mail client from what I have learned.

Does anyone have the link for a fresh download of thunderbird? I will appreciate any help or feedback on thunderbird and WM both.

Thanks, Dave

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