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Nancy Shackelford

Thanks so much! There very well may be more questions, but I'm sending
this advice to my friend with this problem.
Thanks again,

On 2/13/21, Teresa Arroyo Llosa <> wrote:
Hello Nancy,

When they tell you to press chord + dot 8, it means you have to press space
bar and the eight dot key on the right. Chord means the space bar.

If you need more explanations, just shout away.

I have a 44 cell focus, so I think I could give you a hand. I'd advise you
to get an appropriate USB cable because even though you have your Focus
paired through blue tuth, the battery will -as far as I remember- still run

I hope this helps.

Teresa Arroyo

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Asunto: [TechTalk] Another question regarding Focus 14 Braille unit

I purchased a Focus 14 braille display. Of course it was used, and all I
got was the display. No usb cable, or AC charger. The battery only runs
the unit in blue tooth paring. I have a Mac Mini, and it works okay with my
computer. The only exception is that I can’t get it out of eight dot
setting. I looked in the manual and the toggle to turn eight dot on and off
is eight cord. I think that eight cord means all the keys 1 through eight
with the space bar. But all it doesn’t change the setting. The keys are
numbered 1 2 3 and 7 on the left top of the unit and then 4 5 6 and eight
on the right top of the unit. The space bar is below the braille display.
I tried it without the space bar, and no changes. There is a power on and
off button on the left hand side of the machine, but the keys don’t work in
this setting. When the unit is connected to a computer, the computer powers
the display. Any suggestions would be helpful. The instructions did state
that it would function differently with a third party computer. I’m sure
they meant a Mac. Freedom Scientific doesn’t support this unit anymore.

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