Re: using NVDA for the first time.

Jim Rawls

Just what I need. Thanks. Jim


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Hi Jim,


Firstly, I'd suggest reading through the "Switching from Jaws to NVDA" guide at: - It covers a lot o the "How do I do [insert Jaws feature] in NVDA?" questions you're likely to come up with early on.


There is an NVDA users email list, which is probably similar traffic to this group:


If you'd like to learn NVDA from scratch, we have training material in our shop:  I'd generally recommend starting with the "Basic Training for NVDA" and then progress through the Office modules, from Word, to whichever other Office programs you use - or get everything, as well as telephone support, with the NDVA Productivity Bundle:


And of course, if you have any specific questions you can't find an answer to, feel free to ask in the NVDA user group, or here, or email us - info@....


Kind regards




On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 2:37 PM Jim Rawls <jazzpiano@...> wrote:

Hi all, watt tips do you have for a jaws user learning NVDA? I am running windows ten and jaws 18. Jim



Quentin Christensen
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