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Walter Ramage

Hi. Yes, I got your message. Interestingly I have outlook 2007 on all 4
machines. 2 are Win7 and 2 are Win 10. This computer is Win7 but my Win10
computer in the other room flags up the same message. I've not checked the
other two computers but I would imagine they too will give the same
notification. Walter.

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The first question is if it matters that you are receiving this message when

using e-mail. You know your server is legitimate, who knows how many years
you have been using it. But there may be a command to refresh information
about certificates in the e-mail program and other people may know it.

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Hi all. I've been using outlook 2007 for many years, as I remember it it
was the last version before outlook went fully ribboned. However for the
last few days I'm getting the message each time I launch the programme
stating that the server certificate cannot be verified and there are two
buttons, one to confirm I want to use that server anyway and the second to
say no. If I say yes I can still receive and send emails as I'm doing now
but 2007 is along time back, especially when it comes to computers etc. So
as I am used to outlook what is the best version for accessibility. I have
4 computers and they are using either Jaws 2018, 2019 or 2020.

There was a time when I saw posts on lists like this complaining that their

outlook 2016 was giving them mega problems and it makes me wonder if Outlook

2016 is a troublesome version. My computer guy can get for me outlook 2010,

2013, 2016 and 2019. Which of these versions would you recommend? Your
help as always is appreciated. Walter.

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